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Cosmos is a member of the sunflower family and is often found growing wild and in natural environments. It’s delicate by nature, moving gently with the wind and adapting well to its environment. The flowers grow abundantly, producing new flowers all the time.

The yellow center is organized in the sacred geometry of the Fibonacci spiral.

When in full bloom, the flowers face the sun like an antenna receiving energies from the heavens. It is said that when planted in the garden it attracts fairies.

Cosmos represent joy in life, adaptability to ones environment and support from the heavens.

The flower essence Cosmos helps to balance the throat chakra and to joyfully connect to higher states of inspiration, focus and clarity. It can be ideal for those who are overwhelmed by negative thoughts or excessive information.

The cosmo flower is a great representation for those of us who have experienced grief and are beginning to explore life from a different perspective. We have had to adapt to our new environment without our partner, we are rediscovering who we are by peeling the layers of the past and embracing our new selves and we have a fuller relationship with the heavens.

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