Journey to Joy After Loss

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Feeling like you’re at a standstill?

Get the support and direction you need to move forward into wholeness after loss.

Come with Vashon and learn to reconnect with your authentic self through a series of seven practical, scientifically based spiritual tools. These tools along with a desire to rediscover yourself will lead you to a more purposeful and full life. Vashon’s heartfelt desire is to help you heal while inviting joy into your life – one step at a time.

Vashon discovered seven simple steps that helped her to find joy again. Along the way, she found that her joy had always been there, but it had been hidden by her grief. Let’s take this journey together through each purposeful and intentional step. In the end, you may discover something you never expected.

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Vashon’s Course

This course will help you to connect with your inner wisdom so you can start living a whole and full life.

Begin to see life through a new lens, one that provides hope and the possibility for a brighter tomorrow.

Gain a deeper understanding of grief and how it can actually catapult you into living a more full life.

Find your path within the three pillars of wholeness: Spiritual Laws, Emotional Truth, & Physical Health.

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You have to get up and do something to get out of the rut and these Steps helped me to do this.


This class has really helped me a lot for it’s helped me focus on my self care. I just joined a gym and I’m starting to work out three times a week.

Course Student

I didn’t know where to start and your list gave me a place to start. I’ve read all the books on grief and widowhood, but there was nothing that gave you steps to get you started. I value this class because of that. I appreciate the Steps and will spend more time with them.


This class gave me permission to have joy in my life again.

Course Student

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View the Course: 7 Steps to Wholeness after Loss