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Vashon’s passion lies in creating connections in people’s lives. Professionally, she is an urban designer where she has designed several award winning Master Planned Communities in central Florida. Her unique skills have created neighborhoods where she brings together a collage of homes, parks, open space, preserves, schools and village centers in a way where people and nature come together to live and play in harmony with each other.

On the personal side, she creates connection by helping widows connect with their inner (authentic) joy and wisdom through a series of steps and purposeful living.

Vashon lost her husband, Patrick McCarty, to cancer in 2008. He was a nationally known macrobiotic teacher and author of six books in the natural health profession. His diagnosis and death rocked the foundation of everything their family believed in. In Vashon’s search to heal after the loss of her husband and her struggle to raise their son in a healthy and whole way, she discovered seven practical scientifically based spiritual tools that helped her find her way back to wholeness.

This discovery led to her book: Finding Joy After Loss, My Seven-Step Journey of Transforming Grief into Joy. It is here where she shares her discovery of her life-saving seven steps with others so that their journey through loss may be smoother and their path to joy more direct and purpose driven.

Based on the success of her book, Vashon created an eight week on-line live class called: 7-Steps to Wholeness after Loss, which helps widows and others journey through each step in a supportive, loving environment in the comfort of their home. In addition, she offers a one on one coaching program for those who seek deeper and guided support to creating a life of wholeness and joy.

Vashon is also an Ordained Shamanic Minister with the Venus Rising Association for Transformation. As a Shamanic Minister, her mission is to help with the transformation of humanity on planet earth. Vashon has the authority to perform all ministerial duties including marriage, healing the sick, spiritual counseling, ministering to the distressed and dying and teaching spiritual concepts.

Vashon is the Central Florida Chapter Leader for the Modern Widows Club https://modernwidowsclub.com, a national organization founded by Carolyn Moor. MWC helps empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society. Vashon conducts monthly meetings at her home. It is here, that many have found love, support and hope to move on in a new and purpose filled life.

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