Finding Joy After Loss is Vashon’s journey to finding her joy after the tragic death of her husband, Patrick James McCarty.

Patrick, a well-known natural healer in the macrobiotic world, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. After three years of fighting cancer with both natural and Western medicine, he lost the fight. Two years after his death, Vashon began writing as a way to come to terms with their family’s tragedy. With time, she discovered a path to her healing, and ultimately, she found a path to finding her Joy.

Vashon discovered seven simple steps that helped her to find joy again. Along the way, she found that her joy had always been there, but it had been hidden by her grief. Come journey with Vashon as she discovers these steps and puts them to the test. In the end she finds something she never expected.

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What People Are Saying?

I purchased this book for a grieving widow, who has NOT stopped thanking me yet. Every time she sees me, I receive yet another hug and thank you. She has since purchased this book for both her children, thoroughly convinced that it will begin the healing process them as it has for her. What a blessing.


Not only has this book “Finding Joy After Loss” been a guidance a step towards the future and a way of learning to accept loss, it has also been a way of awareness, the understanding of the difficulties that a person lives after they have lost someone very dear.

This book has inspired me in how to understand and how to be more helpful to a person that has lost a loved one.

This powerful, extraordinary life-learning book is definitely reassuring to those who have lost a person in their lives and to those that need assistance in understanding a person that has lost a loved one. I recommend this biography it’s an excellent step towards healing and learning to live again.

Thank you Vashon for sharing your story.


A beautifully eloquent story of sorrow transformed to hope.


In this book, the author bares her soul by sharing the most personal and challenging experience of her life, losing her husband. In doing so, she serves as a light to anyone who has the same unfortunate experience or to anyone who loses something or someone of tremendous significance. When one’s heart is broken, one needs a gift like this book, an inspiration that proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If she can get through it, so can you. Finding Joy After Loss is an important addition to the library of books in this genre and one that will help many for years and years to come. Brava!