4 Month One-on-One Coaching

Vashon has designed a four-month coaching program where you will work more purposely on each of the 7 Steps outlined in her book as well as material that incorporates restructuring your thinking so that it supports you in creating the life you want rather than having your thinking work against you.

Loss can come in many forms so whether you have lost a loved one, you are struggling with health issues or you are experiencing some other form of loss, we will examine these area and see how your thinking is either supporting you or sabotaging you to keep creating the same outcome.

When Vashon originally tested the Steps, she made a 6-month commitment to test them on herself. Many of the Steps are multi-layered and require time and attention to fully benefit from engaging in them. Purposeful engagement on any given task for a period of time helps to solidify change in a meaningful and rewarding way. Each of the Steps and methodologies will be thoroughly examined and explored so that you move forward purposefully to create the life you want.

I believe that our true nature is to be in joy. When we are not in joy we are in a suffering state. When we are in pure joy we are able to tap into the infinite wisdom of our human experience. Join me in discovering your authentic joyful self.

Vashon’s 4-Month Coaching Program

What you’ll discover:

  • Step by step support as we walk through each of the Steps together.
  • Personal support as limiting beliefs and challenges arise.
  • Identification of sabotaging thought that are getting in your way of moving forward in your life.
  • A greater connection with yourself and how you are living your life.
  • Greater joy in your life while honoring your loss.
  • Inexpensive health hacks that will support your body as you transition to your whole self.

This 16 week coaching program includes:

  • 12 one hour one-on-one coaching calls
  • Individualized homework assignments
  • Voxer or text support
  • Free Finding Joy After Loss Book
  • Supporting material that is individually designed for you
  • Access to 7 Steps to Wholeness after Loss private Facebook community
  • Discounts to future coaching workshops and live events
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I believe in order to heal we need to be in a loving and nurturing community that supports and understands what we have gone through. Somehow we have lost this connection in our culture and we are rediscovering how to nurture and take care of ourselves in different ways, often alone and with a lot of searching and struggle.

Widows are even more vulnerable as they become forgotten and left to heal by themselves. I want you to know that you are not alone and with the program I have outlined, you will get the support you are looking for and begin to create the life you want. A life filled with more connections in every area of your life, one that is filled with purpose and joy.

You can continue to do this on your own and maybe stumble though moving forward in your life. Or you can make the commitment to yourself and allow yourself to explore a life filled with more purpose, vision and clarity. To live the life you were meant to live no matter what you have gone through and the hardships you have experienced. This is your time and now is the moment.

My hope for you is that whatever you decide, you are able to move forward with purpose, clarity and joy.

If you would like support on your journey you can join me here.

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